The Facts and Figures Behind GuX’s Departure

Published on SK Gaming in July of 2010.


By now most readers will be aware of the back and forth statements across various websites regarding Gux’s departure from the SK Gaming lineup for Arbalet Cup Dallas and his reuniting with his former team-mates in fnatic. The aim of the initial statement from SK Gaming was to outline the basic circumstances, so as to explain why Gux was no longer in the SK lineup, but without dredging everyone through the muck by revealing specific sums of money and the contents private conversations.

Sadly fnatic saw this guesture of professional courtesy and decided to pounce upon an opportunity to paint the few facts known to the public in a manner which skewed all positive inferences towards the side of fnatic, either by way of exaggeration or outright lie, and all of the negative inferences towards the side of SK Gaming. It was bad enough for SK Gaming to lose one of its best players only days before a big tournament and by such unprofessional means on behalf of the team he was headed to. To add insult to injury fnatic’s actions have brought SK Gaming’s reputation into the matter, attempting to cause significant damage in that respect also.

The name of SK Gaming will not be brought into a state of disrepute and so this matter cannot go unanswered. SK Gaming here presents a coherent explanation, in detail, of what transpired between SK Gaming and Gux and SK Gaming and fnatic from the beginning of Gux’s time with SK Gaming until his departure yesterday. There will be direct quotes from conversations and emails as well as times and dates provided so the reader can put together a timeline in his mind of the actions of each party along the way. SK Gaming will not resort to lies, exaggeration or contrived mistruth in an attempt to sway the reader. The facts are presented here and the reader can judge for himself the conduct of each party involved.

Mistruth relies on distraction, deflection or outright fabrication to maintain its existence. Truth can stand on its own and been seen as such, provided enough light is made available.

This article will address and explain seven major points:

  1. Was Gux a free agent or contracted to SK Gaming?
  2. Is SK Gaming withholding money from Gux?
  3. Fnatic players donating money to Gux to compensate him for the money it is alleged SK Gaming is “withholding”.
  4. Sam Mathew’s statement in response to SK Gaming’s original statement.
  5. The ultimatum made by Gux to SK Gaming.
  6. Gux’s statement.
  7. Anton Budak’s statement on

  1. Was Gux a free agent or contracted to SK Gaming?

Gux discussed becoming a part of the SK Gaming lineup prior to the official announcement in February of this year. Tim Ellersiek, better known to gamers as merusame, is responsible for player management at SK Gaming and was in charge of the process of getting a contract agreed to by both sides in place. Tim and Gux agreed on February 12th via MSN to the idea of him joining the the team and the intention of getting a proper contract in place. The terms negotiated by this point were for a monthly compensation, share of cash prizes and bonuses for good placings at tournaments.

In March, at CeBIT, Gux was asked in person by Tim to sign the contract with the aforementioned negotiated terms. He declined as he wanted further time to consider the terms but agreed to get back to SK soon afterwards. Following CeBIT Gux wanted to renegotiate certain aspects of the contract more into his favour. SK agreed to all of his demands, dragted a new contract and sent it out to him in the mail on the 29th of March.

Until this point Gux had still been a free agent, negotiating with SK Gaming, but with a clear interest in sigining a contract with SK Gaming.

To follow up Tim contacted Gux on the 30th of March to confirm he had received the contract and would be signing and returning it. When Gux did not return a signed contract to SK Tim continued to followup again and again with reminders and requests. As these followups went on Gux made it clear he planned to sign, then that he had signed it and each time that he would return the contract.

Tim followed up on the following dates: 23rd of April, 3rd of March, 4th of March, 5th of March, 6th of March and 17th of March. Each time it was made clear that Gux should send the signed contract to SK and each time he agreed that he would. It is also key to note that Gux claims to have signed the contract already.

Some examples:

7:55:27 PM Tim Ellersiek: yo rasmus, sent you a mail with the new contract
7:56:52 PM GuX: yeah ok cool”


8:04:12 PM Tim Ellersiek: and I also still need your bank details and contract but that maybe tomorrow then haha
8:07:09 PM GuX: i email u bank details in the same mail
8:07:10 PM GuX: with the photo
8:08:16 PM Tim Ellersiek: sounds decent, I will need the contract via postage since I have to show it to the authorities
8:08:38 PM Tim Ellersiek: is that cool?
8:10:08 PM GuX: yeah i know
8:10:23 PM GuX: i will ask my parents on the marks stuff for germany

8:50:34 PM GuX: tim write here plz and tell me some FAX number where i can send the stuff
8:50:39 PM GuX: cus my mail is screwed up
8:50:48 PM GuX: i have it all signed and everything but my mail aint working.
10:42:31 AM Tim Ellersiek: hey rasmus, cool, [number removed]

4:17:56 PM Tim Ellersiek: can you send in the next 10mins?
4:18:02 PM Tim Ellersiek: then I can get it set before I leave the office
4:18:17 PM GuX: mhmm i dont think so i have to go to my parents house and theyr at work
4:18:33 PM Tim Ellersiek: later on?
4:18:41 PM GuX: yes i will send it as soon as they come home
4:18:47 PM GuX: they dont live far away so
4:19:16 PM Tim Ellersiek: as long as I have it tomorrow morning its cool
4:19:18 PM Tim Ellersiek: until 12
4:19:25 PM GuX: ye
4:19:26 PM GuX: it will be

5:06:35 PM Tim Ellersiek: any update on sending the contract?
5:07:10 PM GuX: yeah its coming as soon as i get my thumbs out of my ass ;D

Alexander “TheSlaSH” T. Müller:

“From a legal standpoint Rasmus was and is under a running contract with SK Gaming. He negotiated a contract, he confirmed the conditions, and most important, on 3rd May 2010 and after that Rasmus states that the contract and with this one all terms we negotiated are SIGNED at his end, too (as he received a contract that was signed by SK already so he could have one copy for himself to hold SK liable for all claims he is legally entitled to).

This should clarify the question of Rasmus Stahl being a free agent or a contracted player.”

The existence of a contract provides a balance between the organization and the player. The player receives his benefits, as outlined near the beginning of this article in the teams agreed upon, and the organization can apply any fines for misbehaviour to the player’s monthly compensation should such a scenario arise. Two further details of the contract should be made clear here as they will be of relevance later in this article:

1) The duration of the contract is from the 15th of February 2010 until the 15th of December 2010.
2) There is a breakup fee included of 10,000 Euros if the player leaves the team without being released from his contract. This forms the basis for negotiations regarding transfer to another team during the duration of the contract.

  1. Is SK Gaming withholding money from Gux?

As already mentioned there were three routes available to Gux via his contract to earn money: A monthly compensation, a share of cash prizes and bonuses based on tournament results.

Of the tournaments Gux played under the SK Gaming tag only one has paid out any of the prize money, Arbalet Best of Four, and this event paid the money directly to the players so SK Gaming’s share was deducated from the monthly compensations. No other tournament has paid a single cent. As a result SK Gaming is 100% living up to the terms of its contract with Gux as far as prize money is concerned.

Gux is entitled to monthly compensation beginning from February the 15th, so up until today he is capable of claiming 5 months’ worth if he returns the signed contract. Monthly compensation is not a stand alone issue, it is a vital component of the entire package negotiated with him, accepted by him and as seen above also signed by him. Bonuses are treated accordingly.

As a German company SK Gaming falls under German tax laws which are precise and to the point when it comes to expenses which may be shown and calculated in a company’s books. Every single payment made to a person or company must be backed up by a contract that states the payment and/or an invoice by the receiving party. In Gux’s case SK Gaming needs the signed contract to be able to legally pay him out the money he is able to earn via the methods listed above. Gux was reminded over and over by Tim Ellersiek that he would receive his money upon sending in the contract which he claimed to be signed and somewhere in his residence.

Let there be no confusion: The only factor preventing Gux from receiving his monthly compensations, share of cash prizes and bonuses based on tournament placings is his refusal or inability to send back the signed contract which would make it legal, under German law, to pay him that money. It is Gux who has delayed these payments, not SK Gaming.

SK Gaming as of right now owes Gux exactly what is stated in his contract and payouts will take place the moment his signed contract is received via fax, scan and later original copy reaching the office.

It is possible other teams can be more flexibile on some of these issues due to their native laws but SK Gaming cannot and it is up to the readers of this article to decide whether sending back a signed contract is something which can reasonably be accomplished within a four month period.

Alexander “TheSlaSH” T. Müller:

“This fact was presented to Sam Mathews in a Skype call and in a Skype chat. Trying to deny it and posting the lies they did won’t help Rasmus or nyone involved here. Other than that it shows the character Fnatic and in person Sam Mathews seems to have.”

For Gux to leave fnatic he must either be bought out of his contract by them or accept the breakup fee, which as mentioned was set at 10,000 Euros. The amount of money Gux is currently entitled to including all sources amounts to a sum of 7,000 Euros. In the case that Gux leaves SK Gaming without being bought out of his contract, which is what has occured, he owes still owes SK Gaming 3,000 Euros after the 7,000 Euros he is entitled to is placed against the agreed buyout fee. At this point this is money SK Gaming will never receive from Gux.

To turn this fact around and make it seem as though Gux is the one owed money by the very contract which dictates he is either bought out by fnatic or pays the 10,000 Euros shows either a very poor grasp of basic arithmetic or a willingness to blatently lie to the public. When each sides’ entitlements are squared against each other Gux owes SK Gaming 3,000 Euros and SK Gaming owes Gux nothing.

  1. Fnatic players donating money to Gux to compensate him for the money it is alleged SK Gaming is “withholding”.

As mentioned above Gux is entitled to 7,000 Euros if he returns his signed contract, a sum SK Gaming is more than happy to pay. For breaking up form SK Gaming Gux owes 10,000 Euros. So if the Fnatic players donate money to Gux he should by rights send this money to SK Gaming, though it appears highly unlikely he will. So instead of having to pay the 3,000 Euros in the contract he signed Gux will instead receive 3,000 Euros from fnatic players for breaking a contract with a rival professional gaming team.

This is not noble conduct by either Gux or fnatic and yet in their statements it is portrayed as some heroic act intended to make up for alleged unfair behaviour on SK Gaming’s part. In fact this act is a direct slap in the face to SK Gaming, both in how it was portrayed and in the financial respect. This donated money could also have been put towards the cost of a legal buyout, which will be addressed later on.

  1. Sam Mathews’ statement

TheSlaSH was contacted by Sam Mathews on the 7th of July and he attempted to contact the fnatic manager on his mobile twice that day, leaving a message on his voicemail. On the 8th of July the two had a 7 minute Skype call in which Sam exaplined that fnatic wanted Gux back in their lineup. At this point TheSlaSH made it clear that his course of actions would be the following:

a) To check with Gux if he wanted this to take place.
b) To find out exactly what the order of action would be to proceed along this course.
c) To define SK’s interests with Arbalet, GameGune and IEM Shanghai all within a three week period.

Less than 24 hours later TheSlaSH contacted Sam Mathews again, having put in place an agreement with Gux for the near future. Gux would receive an immediate 1,000 Euros since he claimed to be broke, he would attend Arbalet Cup Dallas with SK Gaming and his leaving SK Gaming for fnatic would be discussed after the Dallas event. All of this was fixed for Gux on the 8th of July, including the booking of his flight.

It is important to note that as mentioned previously SK Gaming is only covered under German law to make payments for which it has a signed contract and/or invoice from the receiving party. Gux cited being broke as a reason why he could not attend Arbalet Cup Dallas so SK Gaming in offering him 1,000 Euros upfront, to arrive by the time he was in Dallas, without a signed contract were taking a risk that he would at some point in the future send them a signed contract. Were he not to then this payment could not be counted as an expense and thus SK Gaming’s overall profits would be 1,000 Euros higher and subject to higher taxation. This was a guesture of good will on SK Gaming’s part yet it is suspiciously absent from all fnatic statements which instead allege SK Gaming planned to trick Gux all along and pay him nothing while benefiting his services.

It was made clear to Gux that it would be possible for him to leave SK Gaming for August but that this would be discussed after Arbalet Cup Dallas, not before. In fact it turns out that by this point fnatic had already offered him a contract, being desperate that he play for them at GameGune, as the below examples highlight:

“11:19:02 AM Tim Ellersiek: a) monday we will wire you 1000euro, maybe event oday or tomorrow
11:19:29 AM GuX: okey
11:19:43 AM Tim Ellersiek: have you got a fax?
11:19:53 AM GuX: yea
11:21:02 AM Tim Ellersiek: can you put the contract on it?
11:21:05 AM Tim Ellersiek: I will give you the number
11:21:45 AM GuX: i have to talk with some people becouse fnatic has offered me a new contract”

1:46:29 PM GuX: and atm im seriously poor
1:46:35 PM GuX: i dont even know if i can support myself in dallas
1:46:54 PM Tim Ellersiek: you will have money on your account before dallas
1:46:58 PM Tim Ellersiek: 1000euro
1:47:05 PM Tim Ellersiek: we’ll be wiring on monday
1:47:33 PM Tim Ellersiek: therefor you will have to send me the contract though, for our accountant, she wont send out money otherwise
1:48:34 PM GuX: yeah but if my choice is to go to fnatic
1:48:36 PM GuX: i wont be able
1:48:38 PM GuX: to go with u to dalls
1:48:40 PM GuX: dallas
1:49:15 PM Tim Ellersiek: you would leave the team before dallas?
1:49:22 PM GuX: mh no
1:49:25 PM GuX: but i wont be able to pay
1:49:28 PM Tim Ellersiek: why?
1:49:28 PM GuX: for mysef
1:49:30 PM GuX: myself there
1:49:38 PM Tim Ellersiek: why, we will wire money
1:49:45 PM GuX: yeah i know
1:49:50 PM GuX: but if my choice is to play for fnatic
1:49:53 PM GuX: i would not
1:49:56 PM GuX: be able to go to dallas
1:50:00 PM Tim Ellersiek: yes, then fnatic has to buy you out of the contract
1:50:05 PM Tim Ellersiek: that is fnatics problem
1:50:15 PM GuX: yeah but thats my problem to
1:50:16 PM GuX: so
1:52:17 PM Tim Ellersiek: ok look
1:52:23 PM Tim Ellersiek: we will wire you money if you dont send me the contract
1:52:36 PM Tim Ellersiek: but then you have to stay with SK for july
1:53:05 PM Tim Ellersiek: we are really fucked up if you dont and fnatic can compensate this
1:53:08 PM Tim Ellersiek: they arent playing dalals
1:53:20 PM GuX: yeah but if i go to fnatic
1:53:21 PM GuX: they want me
1:53:23 PM GuX: to play for them
1:53:26 PM GuX: at gamegune
1:53:36 PM Tim Ellersiek: but I booked your flight to dallas
1:53:41 PM GuX: yeah i know
1:53:46 PM Tim Ellersiek: and I would give you money for food there
1:53:56 PM Tim Ellersiek: without you sending me a contract
1:54:14 PM Tim Ellersiek: and after dallas we will talk again

With TheSlaSH away on the 10th and 11th of July Sam Mathews contacted him again on the 12th during which conversation SK offered a release of Gux and their desire to begin negotiations with fnatic starting from an initial point. Naturally in any negotiation this point can change but nevertheless there must be a starting point to begin the process. Sam Mathews is attempting to deny that Gux is under contract to SK Gaming, an issue which is made clear with evidence in point 1 of this article. It was also made clear that SK Gaming had a solution for the Dallas event in place.

The positions of all parties were clear at this point: Gux and SK Gaming had an agreement to allow him to play for them at Arbalet Cup Dallas and SK Gaming had openly signalled to fnatic that they were open to discussing the release of Gux as an option following that event.


“I want to point out that keeping a player in your roster when he wants to switch teams does not work. I do believe in trading players and I think it is a good way of dealing with CS teams. The only thing you have to make sure of is that you play by the book. Negotiations might be hard and tricky, depending on what is at stake, but in the end the fact stands, the player will leave the former team and join up with another. It is just a matter of terms.”

Sam Mathews claims it is difficult to contact TheSlaSH, yet logs show that he had ample opportunity to. Sam Mathews says fnatic offered SK money for the buyout of Gux, in fact there never was an offer. Sam Mathews denies that Gux was under contract and the only money he offers is from his players to Gux. Sam Mathews talks about the conditions fnatic offered for the release of Gux, despite in reality having never offered a single condition and the only party discussing a legal release being SK Gaming.

Sam Mathews goes to great lengths to point out Gux’s fear that SK would trick him by sending him to Arbalet. In reality it has been shown that SK Gaming offered Gux the entire package available to him and on top of that offered to send him 1,000 Euros on good faith that he would eventually deliver the signed contract he had promised numerous times in the past, as mentioned above. Legally Gux was and is still under contract and at no point was he ever told that SK would withhold any of his money, he could collect it upon sending in the signed contract whenever he pleased. This issue must not be confused with the separate issue of Gux leaving SK Gaming for fnatic.

Without being released by a buyout from fnatic SK Gaming of course would insist on its right to the breakup fee of 10,000 Euros. SK Gaming went to every length to make it possible for Gux to leave SK Gaming on good terms and in a professional manner. He would play Arbalet Cup Dallas, collect all of the money he is entitled to with a signed contract, be legally bought of his contract and thus continue his career at fnatic.

Sam Mathews states that SK Gaming showed no interest in releasing Gux, something which has been extensively proven incorrect in this article. The only party interested in releasing Gux by legal means was SK Gaming, fnatic made no attempts to begin or engage in the process outlined. fnatic and Gux for their part made it very clear that in their opinion Gux had no legal contract with SK Gaming, this point will become significant soon.

Sam Mathews says that fnatic and the four members of his lineup offered Gux money to send an ultimatum to SK Gaming, a gesture Gux explained the following way in an MSN conversation with Tim Ellersiek:

11:35:15 PM GuX: i havnt gotten anything for 6 months and i know
11:35:18 PM GuX: i dont have a contract
11:35:27 PM GuX: but atleast he is offering me something
11:35:30 PM GuX: and it feels good haha
11:35:40 PM Tim Ellersiek: he will offer it after dallas, too
11:35:44 PM GuX: yeah i know
11:35:50 PM GuX: but he offers me 3000 dollars extra if i dont
11:35:51 PM GuX: go
11:35:52 PM GuX: to dallas

The facts are plain for anyone to see: Sam Mathews covered up his and his players’ actions in attempting to bribe Gux not to attend Arbalet Cup Dallas with SK Gaming. It is also made clear by Gux that the money offered came from Sam Mathews himself. Don’t forget dear reader that fnatic is not attending Arbalet Cup Dallas and GameGune is a number of days after the American event, so the only benefit from bribing Gux’s decision in this manner is to hurt SK Gaming at Arbalet Cup Dallas. Suddenly fnatic’s attempts to portray their donations as a noble gesture take on a new light don’t they? This after it had been clearly signalled from SK to fnatic that SK were open to pursuing the process of having Gux legally released to fnatic following him playing in the Dallas event, which had been agreed previously.


“It leaves me with not much to say, but Sam Mathews is lying from the first word to the last in his statement and it is a shame seeing him doing it. There is no excuse for doing this. It shows the character of Sam Mathews.”

  1. The ultimatum made by Gux to SK Gaming.

The door was left open for Gux to resolve the matter professionally and he was also reminded that there would be consequences for refusing to participate in the legally defined processes by which he could leave. Gux had the choice of denying the contract. In that case SK Gaming would not take him to court, though the outcome would be clear as it had been discussed with lawyers already and point 1 of this article explains that Gux is under contract. Regardless SK Gaming is willing to release, but for his part all of his claims vanish along with SK Gaming’s. This means he would not have to pay 3,000 Euros and SK Gaming’s 1,000 Euro ticket to Dallas becomes worthless paper. This is understandly not the best outcome for anyone involved, but it is a solution nevertheless.

On the other hand there was the clearly outlined solution that Gux accepts he is under contract and seeks a legitimate transfer from SK to fnatic, with fnatic paying the negotiated fee. Despite all fnatic have done up until this point that deal is still offered and Gux can receive all the money he is entitled to in his contracted, once signed and returned, followed by the ability for fnatic to negotiate for his release from SK Gaming. All parties were made aware of this solution.


“If I had accepted Rasmus ultimatum, I would have denied all everyone in eSports is working for every day. There is rules and they need to be kept. I could not let Rasmus Stahl and in his background Fnatic or their remaining CS players take SK Gaming hostage for a situation that had two ways of solving it on the table already.”

  1. Gux’s statement


“In his statement Rasmus puts the SK players first and says how great of a companion these guys were. It makes me furious to read those lines. Rasmus was welcomed to the whole organization of SK Gaming with open arms from the start. Negotiations took way longer than with any other player before and we gave way argument after argument to meet his demands, resulting in a contract being six weeks delayed. With his action, Rasmus betrayed the very players he mentions above. They welcomed him, they integrated him, they made him a part of something.

Only two days before an extremely important three weeks of exciting tournaments, Rasmus is leaving these guys. It was Tim who called Robban to give him the bad news. Rasmus did not tell his so beloved mates what was about to happen. In fact we tried to fix this and by him going with the guys to Dallas giving him the chance to talk to them after the tournament, face to face. It is disgusting how Rasmus tries to hide his bad move towards those four great players, Robban, Walle, Face and Allen by such a poor phrase as a starter of his statement. The fact remains, what he did was betraying these guys and backstabbing them.

In his statement Rasmus clearly says that it was f0rest who offered him the way back into Fnatic and it was this very moment that made him think about it. So the whole mess started in Paris. Not before that. The timing could not be worse. Fnatic was in desperate need of someone to replace Threat. Instead of talking to SK first, they took a shortcut, offered Rasmus a new contract, offered money for him not to attend Arbalet with SK and denied the very fact that they would have to buy the player out of a contract. They even made Rasmus believe that he was under no legal bindings whatsoever. Fnatic could and should have waited. Fact is, they can’t. ESWC seemed to have disappointed them in a way that they had to take action no matter at what cost. The result is a disaster and it is only themselves to blame for the outcome.

In his statement Rasmus is trying to say that we had a loose agreement instead of a contractual relationship. I guess a hint to point 1. of this [article] shows how very wrong Rasmus is here. I am quite sure those words are not his own the same way his ultimatum isn’t his handwriting.

In his statement Rasmus states that his main reason to leave was SK not delivering. And again I will have to point to 1. We tried and tried and tried. In the end we even wired money his way without the contract being returned as he seemed desperate and needed money. SK Gaming made it very clear that for all payments to be on time and in place, Rasmus had to do one thing only, return the contract he had already signed according to his own saying. So Rasmus is lying here.

In his statement Rasmus denies the offer of 3,000 from Sam Mathews if he does not go to Dallas. As shown above the opposite is exactly what he told Tim. And no matter how you declare this money or where it comes from, it was money promised for Rasmus sending out an email that put all efforts to jeopardy. The answer from my side was clear before he sent the “send” button, Fnatic knew that. Probably they made Rasmus believe this would work out for him, but I doubt they really believed in this. And even then I left all doors open to Rasmus and Fnatic to work this out.”

7. Anton Budaks statement on Rakaka

A relevant point from TheSlaSH’s account of spending time with Gux after CeBIT:

“in the car we discussed his departure from Fnatic. I am not going to gossip here, but nothing and I mean NOTHING Rasmus had to say about Sam Mathews, Fnatic and his former team made them look good and made his stay at Fnatic look good. In fact he was relieved to be welcomed in SK like we did and always do with players. I can only underline what Anton Budak stated on Rakaka. It is exactly the feeling I got from Rasmus words when talking about it, so even this part in his statement seems a lie to me or he has been lying to both, Anton Budak and myself”


fnatic approached Gux, a player clearly under contract to SK Gaming, at ESWC 2010.
fnatic did not enter into negotiations with SK Gaming to buy Gux out of his contract.
fnatic denied Gux was under contract and made no effort to buy him out of one despite claiming otherwise.
fnatic convinced Gux SK would try and trick him into playing even though that is the opposite of the situation explained in detail to both Gux and fnatic.
fnatic bribed Gux into sending an ultimatum to SK demanding all rights entitled by him in the contract and yet offering no rights to SK Gaming by signing and returning the contract, despite this meaning SK Gaming would be ineligable to claim any of the money paid to him as expenses of the company as opposed to profit under German law.
fnatic’s manager went offline on Skype once Gux sent his ultimatum and set his mobile phone to patch TheSlaSH’s calls through to voicemail.
fnatic and Gux did not get back to SK Gaming, leaving no choice but to release a statement regarding the stand-in for Dallas and an explanation of why Gux would not be present.
fnatic released a statement filled with lies and at the same time suspiciously absent facts of direct relevance and importance to the matter at hand.

SK Gaming signalled clearly to fnatic and Gux that they were open to allowing his release.
SK Gaming tried over and over to fix the situation behind closed doors with Gux individually and then fnatic once they began interferring.


“I hope I could reveal the truth and all happenings to the community. Fnatic fan or not, the way this way played from the start was unprofessional and extremely bad. Not only for all parties involved (with Rasmus taking the most damage here, financially!) but for eSports in general. Fnatic and especially Sam Mathews showed their real character when it comes down to respect within eSport.”