Master Debater #1 mutechno – the state of CS 1.6 (round 3)

Published on ESEA on the 26th of November 2007.

Opening paragraph:

Mutechno’s side:

The whole “gods” argument on why CS 1.6 is declining is a jest. It’s all in the head, it’s all mental. It doesn’t change anything, it changes what you think and how you think but at the end of the day it doesn’t change anything. How you view someone or something is how you view it, it manipulates an object, it doesn’t change anything. Whether you view Ksharp as a god or not doesn’t change the fact that an AK is worth $2500, it doesn’t change that fact thats it’s 5v5, it doesn’t change the fact that an m4 has 30 shots, and it doesn’t change the fact that a deagle can kill with 1 shot with head armor. The gods argument is like imaginary numbers oppose to real numbers. Viewing a god or understanding his or her impact on the game is all it is, you can’t draw anything from it, because there isn’t anything to draw from it. It’s fake, it’s all mental. Whether gods or legends exist or not, doesn’t decide and factor in on how many people actually still play CS 1.6, it’s all in your head, it’s not tangible.

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