Master Debater #1 mutechno – the state of CS 1.6 (round 2)

Published on ESEA on the 27th of November 2007.

Opening paragraph:

Thorin’s Round 2 arguments – “Gods and robots”

The state of CS 1.6 is that it’s stale, it’s turgid, it’s fake, it’s a sham and perhaps worst of all it’s entirely marginalized everything that was Counter-Strike that made Counter-Strike great in a competitive sense. There’s enough glitz, money and relative fame to go around for everyone at the top, the spotlight is wider and brighter than it’s ever been before and yet at the core of what competitive Counter-Strike is and inside all of it’s matches it’s lacking, a lie and at best a hype-expectations-anti-climax cycle. I can begin to explain why if I explain the death of the CS gods.

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