Published on ESEA Europe in 2008.

The downtime between big events saw the CS scene shook up again as a number of teams made moves, this time a significant number being of entire teams to other organizations. Unless you check all the news sites on a daily basis you’re not doubt unaware of some of these moves and how they will affect the parties involved so let me take you inside where we will look closer at what has happened in the last few weeks.

Asylum -> Ministry of Defence


This team might not seem like a big move, Asylum hasn’t been a big name since the Danish team bearing that name played in WEG. This team is an up and comer though for sure, Galahat and Bloddy have both been in the big Danish teams and now with new support will be looking to take this team to the next level.

NoA -> mTw


Another big Danish move, this one sees WCG silver medalists and ESWC 2nd place finishers NoA move from their long-time organization to instead fly the flag for the ex-German powerhouse mTw. Don’t let the flags confuse you though, this is less a transfer than a merge as the boss of NoA becomes the CEO of mTw or something to that effect. The team itself is not representing Germany, rather mTw will retain the services of a German team for EPS and NoA will be their Danish team taking on the titans in the big events as usual. All in all a good move for everyone involved and hopefully the NoA boys have the support to make a good run at 2008 now.

MYM -> Nobody


As steel’s article told the story of Norway’s MYM finally lost the support of their organization after a number of underperformances and more recently failing to even field a 5 man team. Despite having a promising mix on paper the loss of GeT_RiGhT back to SK really screws that up and now the team is left sponsorless and with an uncertain future. MYM of course aren’t feeling any hurt at all as they profited quite nicely from what happened as the next transfer will show.



The mighty pentagram might not have had such a fun latter half of 2007 but their ESWC win still puts them high in all of our minds. After the news story broke earlier this year revealing they had been offered the world by MYM but refused it in favour of sticking with their Polish organization everyone had reason to sigh and thinking nicely of the Polish boys and their loyal ways. With the year closing out for whatever reasons PGS finally decided to take MYM up on their offer and became their CS team. With all the rumours floating around this year in light of their bad second half including all the neo transfer rumours it’s probably a good thing these guys took the MYM offer up as now they won’t have any ‘what if’s floating around their heads. They can give this team a proper run in 2008 and let the chips fall where they may.

Turmoil -> x3o


Turmoil had an ok 2007, nothing terrible but nothing to shout from the rooftops about either. This move seems a fairly smart one as presumably x3o had more to offer them and maybe they’ll get to some events without having to win qualifiers and the likes. This is definitely a team with some potential, they have a good mix of veteran players and young up and comers who are lighting up the scene. Their main concerns will be getting on more of an even footing with the big European teams and battling their rivals eMg for the North American crown.