Published on ESEA on the 16th of January 2007.

Opening paragraph:

From the outset this movie was instantly likable, the fonts and colour selections were well done and gave the movie a different feel than your typical piece. The intro while incorporating the typical freelooking flying around watching things happen from a third person perspective was watchable, synched with the building musical element and didn’t last too long that it could become an annoyance. The use of a scene of deagle kills with no crosshair/hud actually worked well and gave you a taste of what you were in for, especially since the creator didn’t then repeat the same scene unnecessarily. The effects were one area where I had issues that bear raising. Firstly there were times when an effect actually worked but at the expense of a level of minor irriation, the main example of this being the spinning of the screen around the crosshair during a kill sequence. The couple of times this happened it actually synched well with the music and for a moment even seemed to produce some kind of effect in the viewer but at the same time it was annoying in and of itself.

Link: ESEA