CS Cinema: “Pentagram Gshock – The polish style” Reviewed

Published on ESEA on the 12th of December 2006.

Opening paragraph:

The technical aspects of this movie I would whole-heartedly describe as delightful. Not in your face and abrasive like one has come to expect from any movie which shows inklings of technical expertise in the opening moments. Rather this movie draws the viewer in with aesthetically pleasing images and colours all synched together in a smooth manner. The use of what we must painfully call ‘real life’ footage at the beginning is well done and actually works in a manner to add to the anticipatory mood brewing in the viewer. The action itself is synched well enough, nothing to write home about but the overall style is one of getting it done well enough that it is not something you feel the need to dwell on for negative or positive reasons. The use of third-person footage was about as good as one could ask, used for frags which actually warranted a different point of view to fully encapsulate what was good about them as opposed to merely the movie maker’s personal CS-based homage to 2001 we are so used to by now. One point that bears mentioning about the unoffensive manner in which this movie presents itself is that the use of colour seems not just to be a novelty issue but one which lends itself to changing the feel of different scenes and helping move the action forwards. As usual of a movie composed massively of HLTV footage I am left to make brief mention of it here and say that while the creator can’t choose better footage of that specific event in a lot of these cases sometimes one really needs to weigh up how good the footage is with its flaws against how much better the movie might be with it dropped in favour of something slightly less amazing but of much better cinematic quality.

Link: ESEA