Published on ESEA on the 6th of February 2004.

Opening paragraph:

After ESWC turned out to be his coming out party on an international level Sunde has continued to impress with his online performances since. This demo has a curious quality to it in that despite being one of the hottest players of the moment dropping 27 on the 2nd best or best clan in the world it is still not some super fragmovie worthy demo. Rather there is a lot of consistent killing from Sunde, often finding himself in exactly the right spot at the right time. The most bizarre quality of this demo is that fnatic end up looking very impotent both as a team and as players, then again few defenders look good while Kaka is rounding them to score so the same principle should be expected to apply here. Nothing outstanding but lots of killing and making the game look effortless from the young Dane.

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