Studio Analyst

I am arguably Counter-Strike’s most well known analyst and expert.  From Dreamhack Winter 2013, the first CS:GO major, through to 2020’s Flashpoint 2, I have worked as a desk analyst at more than 60 offline events and I have a 59.32% prediction accuracy rate in finals.  I have worked seven CS:GO majors (world championships) over a six year span.

My style centers heavily around player performance tracking, stylistic team contrast, historical narratives and cheeky banter.  Whether I’m breaking a baguette over a desk to analogise EnVyUs’s destruction at the hands of FNATIC or asking Shaq if “weight loss” is a sport he’d like to challenge me in, I ensure there is never a dull moment when I am on the desk and viewers of all levels of game understanding can be entertained.

Many of my narratives have been heavily associated with the players and teams in question, such as “NiP magic” for Ninjas in Pyjamas’ classic core; “NA’s Chosen One” for Team Liquid star EliGE; and “The Greatest Player of All-Time by resume” for four time major winner device, then of Astralis.

I’m as likely to become embroiled in an off-camera war of words with a legendary professional player during an event as I am to sum up the meaning and poignancy of a classic esports moment on the desk right after it has happened.  I intentionally embody the trickster archetype with zeal and flair.