Published on ESEA on the 15th of August 2007.

Opening paragraph:

With the breakup of the consistent base NiP had relied on consisting of ins and zet NiP was faced with completely redesigning the style of team they had. Their initial choices seemed perfectly reasonable as they opted to have ex-top Swedish player Bullen return to activity and use prospective future top player KF3 as a shot in the arm for the team and its energy levels. Along with these two players they took in Walle’s younger brother miniwalle. This line-up quickly showed it was not going to last, supposedly Bullen did not prove to be at the levels he had reached prior to going inactive and the young KF3 was shunned in favor of going with Swedish talent. Had such a line-up made it to events it is quite possible they could have achieved some level of success, with established names one predict performance levels to a certain degree and KF3 had shown his raw talent through a variety of POV demos which showcased amazing rounds. Perhaps this line-up was announced too quickly to cover the departure of ins and zet instead of properly thinking out the kind of team it would result in and how they would fit together in internal practices etc.

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