Published on ESEA [unsure] in 2008 [unsure].

Name: Sunman 5
Publisher: Aziz “DrAgOn_-” Tazi
File Size: 277mb

While the naming of the movie “sunman 5” would suggest it is the next in the series of movies which were previously made by Sunman seems potentially suspicious since we have no way of knowing he agrees to that name usage and/or had anything to do with this nonetheless sunman 5 is here. This movie was an entry into a contest Creative Movies recently had and apparently one of the criteria of that competition was that the actual frag content of the movie would not sway the judges in their decisions or something to that effect. That utterly ridiculous decision aside let’s get into the movie itself and see what makes it tick.

Technical ability:
There was a strange quality to this movie which may well be purely subjective for all I am aware which is this: the frags themselves didn’t seem to be captured as smoothly as in normal movies and had a kind of laggy or stuttery feel to them at times. That is not to say there was a change in speed during capture, rather there just seemed to be a lack of fluid motion while they were being shown. That aside the technical aspects of this movie were good, clearly the director took the frag content stipulation I mentioned at the beginning to heart very deeply and as a result centered this entire movie around showing off what he could do technically. There are plenty of different looks displayed as he shows off his camera control, draws footage together into themes and keeps the moving constantly changing so the viewer doesn’t get bored part way through. There were some unnecessarily elements but due to the way each scene seemed to play out quite differently to the next in terms of camera movement and similar decisions I could easily overlook those.

The synching of the music and the action was well done, not over the top and in your face but present in the right places and without overdoing it. A lot of the elements present in this movie were things the viewer has seen before but whereas they are sometimes unnecessary in other movies the right decisions seem to have been made for a fair amount of the technical aspects of this movie and so they fit in their places. While I wasn’t overwhelmed with positive feelings about this movie it certainly didn’t disappoint me much and all in all I felt it was a decent watch for its running time of just over 6 minutes. Perhaps the best technical moment came I felt towards the end when the movie maker kills the music and allows the viewer to see a clutch round play out in a pseudo-game enviroment, that was a nice touch.

Visual content:
The frags in this movie are a real mixed bag, there are some which are certainly worth of capture, some which work well within the context of the direction and technical effects and so could be warrented inclusion and then there are some which just did nothing for me at all. Regarding the latter I’m talking about moments like when sunman kills 2 players as a CT on inferno, one with a colt through smoke and the other with a deagle. Not only was that just standard fare for pretty much anyone above a medium skill level but it was clear his teammate was spraying the same group of enemies and so even the kills he gets have less merit. The scene where he kills 2 4kings players on the ramp on cbble and 180s to kill the last doesn’t really make the grade when one notices a player holding a glock. Are we really to believe a player playing the grassy area as CT on cbble killing an ecoing terrorist by 180ing is worth documenting for future generations?

Anyway those greviances aside there were some kills which were satisfactory, perhaps my real problem with this movie was that when I see it clocking in at under 7 minutes I really find myself wondering why such footage would get in. Sunman 4 was closing on 3 years ago so sunman must have done plenty of spectacular things since then, to include such average clips implies either the director didn’t do enough research in regards to downloading demos and finding kills or he was just a bad judge of frag-worthy material. Something tells me it is the former and that has to annoy anyone.

Audio content:
The music in this movie was overall well chosen I felt, a mix of dance music which created a good mood but hasn’t been so overplayed that we’re sick of it from the moment we first hear it. The outro music certainly captured the right feel the director was going for with his sentiments. Really there’s nothing to comment on overly or complain about in this section, perfectly satisfactory.

It’s not even that I feel as though this movie was a waste of my time and bad in any respect, it just didn’t make any real effort to wow me and really left me feeling averagely about it. There were nice moments, there were moments where it lulled and there were average to above average moments between. All in all it lasts 6 minutes or so, it’s another sunman movie and most of us are likely to watch it irrespective of what anyone says. Don’t go into this with overly high expectations and it’s unlikely to disappoint you too much. Try not to think of the earliest sunman movies though, this doesn’t deliver on the same scale when it comes to the frags themselves.

Rating: 3/5