CS Cinema: “mibr bruno mini movie” Reviewed

Published on ESEA [unsure] in 2008 [unsure]

Name: mibr bruno mini movie
Publisher: donutsmaker
File Size: 174mb

This is a 4 and a 1/2 minute movie of mibr|bruno I found on a forum thread in the not too distant past. While CS movies are still released in droves on a daily basis the number of movies which feature top players and as a result hold any interest for most of us seems to have dropped off somewhat. In light of that this movie has merit from the standpoint of giving you a quick dose of fragging action from one of Brazil’s best and against top class opposition. Let’s see what this mini movie has to offer.

Technical ability:
There isn’t much technical ability on display with this movie. The fact it is clearly labelled as a “mini movie” pretty much sets the tone that the aim of the movie is to show off some good sequences from the player rather than be an epic masterpiece which the moviemaker has put weeks of effort into. In light of that context, the action itself and the nice length of the movie proportionate to those factors the lack of editing really wasn’t an issue for me while viewing. There is the basic standard base of high quality textures, some use of fading transitions and blurs occasionally. Aside from that there’s not much to talk about, no audio synching to speak of, so if your world revolves around seeing adobe after effects implemented in video files then you’re going to be crying yourself to sleep again. If on the other hand you come to frag movies for the frags you’ll be pleasantly surprised, so on that note let’s move onto the main course of the review.

Visual content:
This is a movie we’re only watching from the outset because we know the player in question is really good and we want to see his skills in action against top opposition. This movie really delivers on those expectations and you will see bruno putting up a variety of consistently good kill sequences and against a really nice selection of opponents. With the exception of 1-2 teams every opponent I saw being killed in the movie is in a top 3 clan in their country. The likes of fnatic, SK.swe and Pentagram all get some of ye olde boom headshot from the Brazilian and unlike some movies to feature those names these kills in themselves are good, not just in the context of who is being killed. The movie’s length really plays into its favour when you consider that the majority of the frags are either crazy pistol headshots or rifle work, so the frags are fast paced and keep your attention. Even the clutch situations carry along at an acceptable pace and don’t bore you. Someone in the thread I found the movie made a valid point that when the track reaches its peak is when the moviemaker chooses to show the slowlest clutch situation which is kind of a stupid move but aside from that there isn’t much to complain about.

Audio content:
The music selected for the movie was quite a pleasant surprise for me as it is the soulful drum and bass track “hold your colour” by Pendulum. While Pendulum are pretty much the most mainstream end of the dnb spectrum it’s nice to hear something I might actually listen to out of choice as the soundtrack to a movie. This track in particular fits the format of this movie well as it is a fast paced and upbeat track which keeps the action driven, yet it also has laid back elements to it so the equilibrium between being pumped up and waiting between kills works out well. It’s also worth mentioning even if you are someone who loathes dnb that this isn’t an overplayed track in the context of CS movies, creators take note for the love of the fictional diety of your choice.

Don’t expect the next CS opus mangum and it seems difficult to understand how you could come away from this movie anything but entertained. You’ve got some really nice frags from a top player and against a nice swathe of the world’s top teams from a variety of countries. Throw in the fact the music fits the action well and the entire shebang takes less than 5 minutes of your time but gives you a whole lot of action and you’ve got a winner.

Rating: 3/5