Master Debater #4 FLAPAN – Does 1.6 need new maps? (round 1)

Published on ESEA on the 5th of December 2008.

Opening paragraph:


New maps would bring a bright nice light into the CS community. There was always the new days of conquering that damn enemy in the same old battling zones. When playing Counter-Strike it seems like the maps have a format of power let’s say. The so called “powerhouse” maps are those which leagues and LANs operate with, while all the pub nubs play their custom maps and odd variations of Counter-Strike. When you become a “hardcore” gamer and start embedding information about specifications of de_dust in your head, well you have gone to the next level of gameplay. Playing the same game/map everyday makes you one within the map and soon you start to master how/when to peak or were to spam. Anyways, I like all the maps we are offered but I really think we are selling ourselves short by only have a dozen of so. With new maps you are basically test driving a new car for free then getting it for free to have for the time it lasts. People could make these maps and some will fail while other will be stuck into the CS life long journey.

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