Master Debater #3 moses – which it the better team EG or X3O (round 1)

Published on ESEA on the 23rd of August 2008.

Opening paragraph:


There is no way in hell I could try and argue that one of the best American 1.6 teams are anywhere near as good as other teams from the world. coL just started playing 1.6 again, MoB hasn’t participated in any major tournaments much less internationally, x3o and EG.usa just haven’t performed. But I could make the argument within the United States that x3o is the best team we have to offer. They showed that at GameGune, when they placed above EG. Although one or two positions isn’t a whole lot better, x3o played a much better tournament overall and played much better than EG did. EG plays with a vastly inferior overall strategy and employs lesser tactics to try and achieve that strategy. No team has been successful playing like EG does right now, even with better players (example: past TEC lineups).

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