Master Debater #2 natu-moses – crouch hopping (round 4)

Published on ESEA on the 5th of June 2008.

Opening paragraph:

One of the biggest problems with crouch-hopping actually seems to be given as an excuse for why it should be allowed: the fact that anyone can do it. Proponents usually mean this in the sense that the person being peeked on could also crouch-hop out if they wanted. In reality when we consider this point more universally it shows a major flaw in allowing crouch-hopping: it’s too easy. Crouch-hopping is so simple to do there are a number of online guides and youtube videos detailing how it’s done and let me assure you: none of them contain any detailed explanations because it is essentially just a case of figuring out a pretty timing of pressing one button. For it to be a skill worthy of counter-acting its negatives (messing up hitboxes, ruining natural CS dynamics, removing running sounds) crouch-hopping would need to be some kind of sliding scale of skill where the most skilled players were better than just ok players at crouch-hopping and on downwards to the newbies. In reality this isn’t the case: you can either crouch-hop or you can’t.

Link: ESEA