Master Debater #2 natu-moses – crouch hopping (round 2)

Published on ESEA on the 28th of April 2008.

Opening paragraph:

Thorin’s Round 2 arguments
The most obvious and important reason crouch-hopping should not be legalized is what it does to the hitboxes when utilized. With all the complaining over the years over hitbox bugs in previous versions of CS or registration on servers one would think hitboxes not being where they should would be a big deal to any CS player. The whole reason crouch-hopping is effective in dodging is you’re doing just that: you’re dodging the enemies fire by moving the hitboxes away from where they can reasonably be expected to be. If crouch-hopping is legalized is someone holding a corner expected to randomly aim a foot higher in the air when he sees someone emerge from a corner? That’s a ridiculous premise. Think how angry people get when players use different interp settings so they can AWP behind people and get kills, this issue should make people equally angry and determined to do something about it as instead of helping one get a kill unfairly as in the interp scenario the player utilizing crouch-hopping denies a player a legitimate kill by exploiting something that exists unintentionally in CS.

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