Master Debater #2 natu-moses – crouch hopping (round 1)

Published on ESEA on the 8th of March 2008.

Opening paragraph:


I think we all saw at the latest World Cyber Games back in October 2007 how dreadful things can turn out when crouch-walking is banned. The Koreans got a game overturned in a very cheap manner (even if it was along the rules of the tournament) against the Norwegians and one of the biggest controversies ever broke out. In a very much smaller scale tournament – Clanbase Nations Cup was also plagued with the very same rule. I found it pretty funny how Clanbase decided they’d be a world police on this matter and blindly enforce this rule as many Counter-Strike’s celebrities from countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany to name a few – gave Clanbase something I think very valuable for them: Exposure. In return they decided to spoil what we all just found to be a fun way to represent our countries and made it very unenjoyable to play because back of your mind you were constantly thinking about not doubletapping crouch.

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