Master Debater #2 natu-moses – crouch hopping (round 1)

Opening paragraph:


I think we all saw at the latest World Cyber Games back in October 2007 how dreadful things can turn out when crouch-walking is banned. The Koreans got a game overturned in a very cheap manner (even if it was along the rules of the tournament) against the Norwegians and one of the biggest controversies ever broke out. In a very much smaller scale tournament – Clanbase Nations Cup was also plagued with the very same rule. I found it pretty funny how Clanbase decided they’d be a world police on this matter and blindly enforce this rule as many Counter-Strike’s celebrities from countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany to name a few – gave Clanbase something I think very valuable for them: Exposure. In return they decided to spoil what we all just found to be a fun way to represent our countries and made it very unenjoyable to play because back of your mind you were constantly thinking about not doubletapping crouch.

Published on ESEA on the 8th of March 2008.

Link: ESEA