Master Debater #1 mutechno – the state of CS 1.6 (round 1)

Published on ESEA on the 7th of November 2007.

Opening paragraph:

The state of CS 1.6 is still going strong.

CS 1.6 of 2007 is just as CS 1.6 of 2004-2006 as in teams have been roughly the same skill level, with the exception of COL’s winnings at ESWC 05 and ICS 06. What has the US done you ask? Keep in mind that the United States is 3,793,079 square miles in size and has 302,757,000 in population, as opposed to Sweden’s 173,732 square miles in size and 9,142,817 in population. So in this case, saying “US has only won 2 major CS 1.6 tournaments/events” is NOT a hyperbole. 

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