Published on ESEA on the 25th of March 2008.

Opening paragraph:

They said mibr was a team who couldn’t win when it mattered, like the old adage of jump shooting teams in the NBA who eventually miss and lose this team relied too heavily on momentum their critics told them. That was until ESWC 2006, still the team’s credit amongst the critics only rose a little. Their star player cogu left and the team’s chances were put on hold until his return. After that mibr team left to CGS and g3x replaced them there seemed no reason to expect any increase in the level their performed at. Bizarrely though the g3x replacements have proved themselves to be every bit (no pun intended) of the same spirit as that mibr team. They shocked the world once more with their Dreamhack win and now it’s not just a case of all the stars having to align for them to win a tournament. Sure this is still a team which needs momentum and their players to hit shots but couldn’t one say the same for in this day and age? They were once the epitome of dark horses but now they’re a dangerous team who can not only knock out big names but take down big tournaments. Despite Brazil’s ban on CS we all await their next big performance.

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