Published on ESEA on the 22nd of December 2006.

Opening paragraph:

Here is a movie whose only form of public release was a link placed on a player’s SK profile, but let it be known that when it comes to CS movies containing known players I will hunt them down wherever they may be. The simplest way to explain the concept of HAWAMOTO to a North American audience would be to use the model of CS clubs. Where in the US top players play in clubs when their own team isn’t practicing as a way of still getting decently skilled opponets to play again in Scandinavia players play in teams in the Clanbase ladder system, HAWAMOTO is one such team. While the name will be unfamiliar there are some familiar faces in this movie including plastE(astralis), diGitaL(All*/Dsky/fnatic) and Nasu(Serious/Hoorai) amongst others who you might have seen on lower ranked teams or at qualifiers.

Link: ESEA