Published on ESEA on the 22nd of January 2007.

Opening paragraph:

Technical ability:
The first thing which springs to mind with this movie is the degree of polish; the final product has clearly been refined to the highest degree one expects of a modern day CS movie. From the intro onwards it is immediately apparent to the viewer that a lot of technical effort has gone into this piece and that is something to be commended in and of itself. The fast paced and over coloured intro would normally not sit too well with me but in this case it actually came out quite well I felt and put me in a decent frame of mind to get into the main part of the movie and see what they had to show me there. The use of colour is good in parts and in others though I will never understand the moviemaker fascination for purposely using darker shadings on certain scenes, perhaps they think it adds a moody film noir feel to the movie. For this viewer though that is not the case. Really the technical aspects of this movie are good enough, they’re nothing amazing but they are good in places and in others they can be ignored.

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