Published on ESEA on the 27th of February 2007.

Opening paragraph:

With his outstanding play in EYE and a number of other organizations’ names the team went under Olof “Archie” Ekdala established himself as one of the premiere CS players in the world. A CPL championship in the summer of 2004 followed by 2nd place at the following winter event should have put him firmly in the center of the spotlight but playing alongside superstar names like Hyper, vilden and walle meant the talented Swede often went unnoticed in proportion to his abilities. As a result I was quite pleased when this movie was first released, at last there would be an opportunity for people to see one of the most underrated Swedish players in action. The movie maker handling this production is lulle of Toop-players, Rwa3 and previous EYE movies fame.

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