Between the Lines: 23-09-2004

Published on ESEA on the 23rd of September 2004.

Opening paragraph:

Lack of practice excuses won’t prevent Rival slipping down into the abyss of underperformance that has been a most hospitable home to the likes of e7, NoA and u5 if they, like the aforementioned, fail to repeat their feat at the following CPL. The practice excuse has always been a puzzling one to my personage regardless, let’s consider it for a moment. Rival are Counter-Strike players which means they are only Rival when they are playing Counter-Strike, in fact their only occupation within Rival is to play Counter-Strike. Yet not only did they apparently not play Counter-Strike thus making them not Counter-Strike players, but they then decided to turn up to a tournament where the best and most practiced Counter-Strike players would be competing. Do you see my quandary with this little doozy?

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